Fidget Spinning & Calming Ring

Rs. 1,850.00 Rs. 2,250.00
By Octonov


Discover our Handmade Spinner Ring, designed to help relieve anxiety and promote calmness. With a unique and beautiful design, this ring is the perfect addition to your collection

Handmade with care, our Spinner Ring is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a tool to help manage anxiety. The spinning motion can be soothing and calming, providing a tactile way to relieve stress. Shop now and experience the benefits of this unique and functional accessory.

This ring is a mix-metal jewellery where in the silver part is made of Solid Silver 925 and the gold bands alongside are made of Brass

Available in multiple sizes and made to order.

• Material: High-Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver Band • Finish: Sterling Silver 925